Version 0.9.2 Released

The source and upcoming binaries can be downloaded from:

Version 0.9.2 is mostly a bug-fix release, adding also a number of new convenience features.

See a short demo

New in version 0.9.2

  • CsoundQt tries to keep one running instance. When new Csound file is opened in file manager, it forwards the info to the running instance and it opens the file in a new tab. You can start also more than one instances of CsoundQt if you start the program without any arguments (i.e not opening a file).
  • For Unix/Linux builds there is now the install target for system wide installation (Run sudo make install). It installs and registers also mime-types for Csound files, a desktop start-up file and icon for CsoundQt. So it is now easy to open CsoundQt or any Csound files with CsoundQt.

Csound mimetypes
  • Virtual MIDI keyboard has been improved - new sliders for control channels, possibility to play notes on computer keys (keyboard mapping is similar to Csound's VirtualMidi (Z - lowest C, S - C#, X - lowest D etc), see <>, Table 6

Csound mimetypes
  • There is Virtual MIDI keyboard button on toolbar
  • Midi Learn button is straight accessible from widget's properties dialog window.
  • MIDI button (or similar controller) can start a Csound event defined in a Button Widget properties, if the type of the button is set to "event".


  • sensekey works now when CsoundQt is launched via desktop file or from Applications (Linux, OSX)
  • Better search paths in project files to find rtmidi and pythonqt sources
  • Fixed some paths and configuration for OSX build
  • Fixed occasional pink widget panel background
  • Restore cursor position after evaluating a section (on an arrow key press).
  • Virtual Midi Keyboard is shown/hidden correctly on toggling the button/menu item, destroyed correctly on exit.
  • Parenthesis markup is corrected so that it does not brake undo chain any more.
  • Fixed selection end (mouse release) outside editor panel.
  • Show Midi Learn and midi controls only for widgets that accept MIDI.
  • Widgetpanel shown/hidden state gets restored correctly on strartup.
  • Fixed Midi Learn CC number detection.
  • Fixed indentation (many Tab presses actually create tabs)