Version Released

The source and upcoming binaries can be downloaded from:

Version is a bug-fix release, adding also a few new features.

See a short demo

New in version

  • Run as temporary file dialog: when user creates a new file (displayed as default.csd) and runs it first time, it is possible now to run the file immediately as a temporary file (without going through the Save as dialog). Of course one can choose also to save the file with given name. It is useful when trying out snippets, checking code from mailing list posts etc.

  • Create a shareable OSX bundle with make install. An install target is added to that deploys all necessary libraries and other components to the CsoundQt app bundle in bin folder of the build directory so it is possible to share the built application to other OSX computers. Just navigate to the build directory (where Makefile is generated) and run

    $ make install

NB! Csound framework is not included in the bundle (to avoid conflicts with system installation) - Csound must be installed separately!

  • Johannes Schütt has prepared also a script that will make a nice installation bundle on OSX ( bin/ )
  • Scanned Synthesis Sandbox - a demo and tool to learn and try out scanned synthesis using scanu opcode. Placed in menu Examples -> Synths.


  • Better install target and script for Linux install (by Felipe Sateler)
  • Fix for OSX architecture detecting problem in Now x86_64 is default, i386 or universal can be set with CONFIG+=<architecture>
  • Scripts ad Examples are added automatically to OSX app.
  • Added install target for extended examples (Floss Manual, McCurdy Collection, Stria Synth). Now installed to /usr/share/qutecsound/Examples with make install (Linux)
  • Csound Manual is found automatically (if installed with "official" installer), even if the path is not set in configuration (Linux, OSX, Windows).
  • Improved highlighting rules (instrument names and macro names are not highlighted any more as k- i- S- etc variables) - thanks to Joachim Heintz
  • Fixes in configuration files for Windows build
  • Fix for clean shut-down, if built with html5 support
  • Fixes for building with rtmidi in Windows 64-bit build
  • Added missing toolbutton for OPCODE6DIR64 in Configuration -> Environment.


Tarmo Johannes