Version 0.9.3 Released

The source code and binaries can be downloaded from:

Version 0.9.3 introduces some new features, fixes a number of bugs and although not in the final release, the new qt based html5 support is available for testing from branch qthtml. For instructions how to use the branch see,-qthtml-or-other-branch

New features

  • Table editor for GEN07 tables
  • Improved and extended Insert/Update CabbageText - conversion of CsoundQt widgets into < Cabbage> definition.
  • Experimental html5 support based on Qt libraries - no CEF dependency any more, available also on OSX and Linux.


  • Fixed wrong widgets behaviour if MIDI channel is 0 and widget's CC and Channel are unset.
  • Support for building both with older and newer Csound source code (CS_APIVERSION 4)
  • Numerous fixes in examples, correction of spelling errors
  • Better colour for word completion box

Tarmo Johannes