Testing and reporting errors

If you would like CsoundQt to become even better, the first thing to do is:

please take time to report errors and feature requests in CsoundQt issue tracker!

It is even more valuable if you build CsoundQt yourself. It is not that hard also on OSX! There are extensive instructions on and in CsoundQt wiki.


Contribute to improve the code, examples or design

CsoundQt's sources are hosted in Github. Since version 0.9.2 the latest stable release is kept in master branch, the newest modifications and fixes in develop branch. To contribute to the development, please check out the develop branch. In Github you cans select the branch from menu (Branch: master/develop), in your computer use command

$ git checkout -b develop origin/develop

to activate the develop branch firt time. To change between the branches use command git checkout <branchname >

$ git checkout develop # or: git checkout master

If you would like to add an example, correct some mistakes or work on improving or extending the source code, the best way is forking the repository and making pull requests:

1)Sign up or sign in to Github:

2) Go to repository (or just search for CsoundQt). In the upper part of page there is button Fork. Press it and a copy of the repository will be created under your account (like tarmoj/CsoundQt).

3) You can make smaller changes online - when you select a file on the github page, press on the pen-shaped "Edit this file" button and make your changes. After finishing editing, enter a comment about the change below in Commit changes box and press Commit changes. You can also add new files from scratch or upload files and commit them similar way.

4) If you have more serious work to do, you need to get the sources to your computer where you can write or edit code, various files, test and when happy with the result, send it back to your github repository. To do that:

    $ git clone # replace it with your address, of course
    $ git add 'file_you_changed'
    $ git commit -m "some meaningful message about the change"
    $ git push
    $ git pull

5) To integrate your changes to the main CsoundQt repo, you need to do so called pull request - it means that the manager(s) of the main repo get infomration about your work and can merge it easily to the main sources and everybody can enjoy the result of your effort. Just click on the "Pull request" button on your Github repo's main page, add a comment and send it.


Improve the webpage

Also CsoundQt's webpage is hosted in github and you can use similar forking and making pull requests system as with the main code. Have a look at instructions on


Support CsoundQt

If you find CsoundQt useful, please consider making a donation:

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