Install Csound First!

CsoundQt is a frontend for Csound, so Csound needs to be installed first.
-> Csound download page


  1. Download the CsoundQt-[Version Number]-MacOS.dmg from
    NOTE: Choose the plain version (without "pythonqt") for normal use.
  2. Open the .dmg and drag the green CsoundQt application into the Applications folder.


  1. Download the CsoundQt-[Version Number] from
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Go to the CsoundQt (or bin) folder.
  4. Select and copy the whole content of the bin folder.
  5. Go to C: -> Program Files -> Csound6_x64 -> bin and paste all the copied files here.
  6. Send "CsoundQt-d-html-cs6.exe" from this folder as a shortcut to your desktop if you like.


CsoundQt binaries are in most of the package managers.

These binaries might be built without RtMidi and/or without PythonQt support. If you need to work with it, you should build CsoundQt. Instructions can be found at and in the file in the sources.