Version 0.9.0 Released

To coincide with Csound's release of version 6.04, I'm releasing CsoundQt version 0.9.0.

CsoundQt Debugger screenshot

This version includes:

  • A new virtual MIDI keyboard
  • Visual display of matching (or unmatching) parenthesis
  • Correct highlighting of type marks for functional opcodes (e.g. oscil:a)
  • Put back status bar
  • Added template list in file menu. Template directory can be set from the environment options
  • Added home and opcode buttons to help dock widget
  • Removed dependency on libsndfile (now using Csound's perfThread record facilties)
  • Fixed tab behavior
  • Updated version of Stria Synth (thanks to Emilio Giordani)
  • Dock help now searches as user types (not only when return is pressed)