Version Released

The source code can be downloaded from:

Version is a bug-fix release.


  • Fixed serious error on Linux that made CsoundQt crash when STK-opcode plugin was present but RAWWAVE_PATH was not set (typical when Csound was installed with package manager).
  • Work and improvements on html5 support (Michael Gogins)
  • Fixed build failure with Csound debugger enabled (Felipe Sateler)
  • Work on different examples + some new examples (Joachim Heintz)
  • Fixed Configuration dialog resizing so it cannot be out of screen any more
  • Fixed crash on closing first tabs and using midi (midi-listeners' corrected removal, issue #211)
  • Corrected auto-completion of functions (like int, ampdb etc issue #214)
  • Removed (most of) lines causing "Slot not found" messages in command line output.


Tarmo Johannes