Version Released

Version 0.9.8 is a major release, with multiple changes. Author of most of the improvements is Edoardo Mogillansky. Greatest thanks!

There is an update with some fixes, v0.9.8.1, see the list of fixes below, that is meant for the final use.

The source and binaries can be downloaded from:

This version of CsoundQt works with csound 6.14 or higher

New in version 0.9.8:

  • New icon theme based on KDE's "breeze"
  • New color themes (for text, background and syntax highlighting): classic, light, dark.
  • New flat style and features for the knob widget.
  • New "Table Plot" widget allows to efficiently plot tables in real time.
  • Graph widget (spectrum, signal display) has been highly optimized, drawing is between 10x and 20x faster
  • Graph widget fixed for the use together with display opcode. Many display instances can be used simultaneously for one or multiple widgets without any loss in performance.
  • Graph widget for tables optimized for big tables and soundfiles, detects the actual size of the graph and does not draw superfluous points
  • Spectrogram widget now reacts to different sample rates, gained a better grid and zoom. It can be customized to show/hide grid, scrollbars, menu, etc.
  • Spectrogram widget can control the zoom with keyboard shortcuts (+, -). Also scrollbars can be hidden (user can scroll with scrollwheel/arrow keys).
  • Spectrum graph: a graph can bow be frozen; clicking on a peak will show the peaks frequency with resolution independent of the fft size of the corresponding dispfft
  • New icon / new splashscreen
  • Meter / Controller widget gained many options to control its aspect (border, line width, background, etc)
  • New action to test the audio setup
  • Text labels allow to set a vertical alignment
  • New settings dialogs, allows to use the current system sample rate and set the number of channels without the need to modify the .csd
  • Help panel received a more streamlined look
  • More streamlined toolbar, removed toolbar buttons which are not commonly used (these can still be reached from the menus), icon size can be set in the preferences, toolbar can be locked
  • Many widgets gained the possibility to set their value by double-clicking (knob, scroll number)
  • Now it is possible to move the widgets with the keyboard in edit mode. The arrow keys move the widgets within a grid of 5 pixels (with the alt key widgets are nudged by 1 pixel).
  • More nuanced syntax highlighting
  • Syntax highlighting for user defined opcodes. The work for this lays the ground for features like autocomplete and code hints for UDOs.
  • Button widget can set the size of the font
  • Checkbox can be resized if the platform allows this (works on linux and windows, macOS uses native checkboxes which are fixed in size)
  • Added a setting to control the update rate of the gui.
  • New "Spectrum Analyzer" utility example
  • Initial support for color schemes, allowing csoundqt to use a dark theme matching the os (not yet available in this release).
  • New action "goto line"


  • Race condition fixed which would cause CsoundQt to crash when started/stopped in very fast succession
  • Locking issues fixed which prevented CsoundQt to stop properly when a graph widget was used.
  • Saving issues where fixed. New option to prevent CsoundQt from asking if user wants to save a temporary file before playing.
  • in macOS startup delay has been somewhat reduced.
  • Wrong rendering for the Meter / Controller widget fixed is macOS
  • Better font defaults for the different platforms
  • CTRL-F now searches in manual if help dock is focused.
  • Search bar is made visible and focused when clicked on search icon in the help widget
  • Fixed a bug where activating the widgets panel when the widgets are in a separate window would result in an empty widgets panel or, worse, a crash.
  • Fixed selection and dragging of widgets. Now responds to usual keyboard modifiers, such as CTRL toggling selection, and shift adding an item to a selection, etc.
  • Changing rt audio module now clears the device selection
  • Fixes last used dir in linux falling back to /tmp
  • macOS: fix to background color in widgets panel
  • Better options for selecting an audio device if jack is selected as module (now the default does not connect to other ports other than the system)
  • In the config dialog, if jack is not running then this is shown in the menu and jack can't be selected
  • scope now has much lower latency
  • native toolbar in macOS
  • Less intrusive line numbers, adjust colors to the color theme
  • Each platform has own defaults for fonts, sizes, etc., resulting in a better first time experience
  • Lots of fixes in syntax highlighting
  • Audio device is reset to default whenever the audio backend is modified
  • Full-screen issues have been mostly resolved. Window state is remembered.
  • Graph widget would cause a crash when adding a new table if a spectrum display was selected. This was fixed.
  • Atsa defaults were corrected
  • Latched button acting wrong on event with negative duration fixed
  • Application paths were fixed for macOS
  • Toolbar rendering problems in mac were fixed, reverting back from using mac's unified toolbar.

Fixes in

  • toolbar in mac now renders correctly, better padding
  • virtual keyboard back in toolbar
  • table plot not longer upside down
  • graph widget changes tables as advertised when given a negative number
  • macOS: many keyboard shortcuts now work out of the box