Version 1.1.1 Released

After a long break and lots of development a new release of CsoundQt is out!

Version 1.1.1 is a major release, it follows 0.9.8 (due several reasons version numbers in between are skipped).

Please note that under the assets there are also packages for MacOS, Windows and Linux including Csound - so there is no need to install Csound separately.

New in version 1.1.1:

  • initial support for risset, detects risset being installed and adds syntax highlighting, completion and documentation for any installed plugins and opcodes
  • Support for dark themes. If your os / desktop environment uses a dark theme this will be honoured within CsoundQt, keeping things like the help dock or menus usable.
  • New dark icon theme, needed when using a dark theme.
  • Proper support for momentary/toggle MIDI buttons
  • Support for limiter (enabled by default, see Configure->Advanced). Requires Csound>=6.16.
  • Tab icons for Play/Paused.
  • Tabs now movable.
  • Convert MIDI bindings of widgets to independent instrument (for exporting out from CsoundQt) Edit->Insert MidiControlInstrument
  • Autocomplete menu revamped
    • Autocomplete performance is much better
    • Added a configurable delay so that the menu does not interfere with fast typing
    • Completion added for external plugins and command line options.


  • Examples has new structure. The menu is populated from folder src/Examples and the main examples are not compiled into the CsoundQt binary any more. All examples can share one common pool of resources (src/Examples/SourceMaterials/)
  • Spectrum Analyzer: added a note to explain how the detected peak can be made audible
  • Many improvements by several examples (Joachim Heintz).


  • Table plot widget: much better performance. Threading issues fixed. This is now the recommended way to display the contents of a table.
  • Syntax highlighting has been heavily optimized. Very big files now load in a fraction of the time
  • Many widget examples adapted to not assume a light background
  • Inspector was optimized and now parses a csd file ~10x faster
  • Parenthesis highlighting now works more reliably across multiple lines
  • Syntax highlighting for score optional and off by default (useful when opening files with very long scores)
  • Put back Utilities to taskbar
  • Fixed current dir problem (like issue with system_i)
  • More convenient MIDI Learn for widgets.

Other issues

  • fixed AudioMidiTest in windows
  • fixed wrong characters in Help Window on Windows
  • fixed font issues in the console (each platform now has a default console font part of the system fonts)
  • fixed crash on opening deleted files
  • fixed messed characters in help panel on Windows
  • fixed hover text being too small in certain cases
  • autocomplete on words in the same document optimized to not update every keystroke
  • autocomplete menu code simplified
  • autocomplete menu now somewhat tidier, switched to monospaced font to have arguments and rate line up across items
  • changed graphs widget color when displaying tables to yellow for better contrast
  • fixed bug of widgets changing position after MidiLearn dialog.
  • remove play icon from tab when stopped in the end of score
  • set default input to none on MacOS if portaudio is being used.

Internal changes

  • Ported most of regexes to QRegularExpression
  • Compatibility corrections to build with older Qt5 versions
  • Dropped support for Qt4 and Csound5
  • RtMidi now a submodule, should always be available
  • Hopefully fixed document always modified problem
  • disable highlighting within data tags of a csd (for example CsFileB)
  • Use showFullScreen only on Windows, others showMaximized.

Eduardo Moguillansky, Tarmo Johannes