1. Virtual MIDI Keyboard

    CsoundQt has a new virtual MIDI keyboard. It was long overdue, as the FLTK MIDI keyboard provided by Csound had constant issues because FLTK was clashing with Qt. The keyboard is written using QML, and because of this lays the basis for adding a Virtual Keyboard widget that you could …

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  2. Csound Debugger (Part II)

    The debugger is now much closer to being function, with skip functionality, printing of current variable values, and showing the current active instrument list.

    Testing is welcome, but you will need to build both Csound and CsoundQt from source (using -DBUILD_DEBUGGER=1 for cmake on Csound and CONFIG+=debugger for …

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  3. Nicer FFT display

    FFT displays in graph widgets (using the dispfft opcode in Csound) now look much nicer:

    FFT display

    Next on the list is allowing display of the frequency axis on a logarithmic scale.

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  4. Csound Debugger

    With some new experimental additions to Csound, I have added the initial proof of concept of what will hopefully become a powerful debugger for the Csound language. Like with regular debuggers, you will be able to set breakpoints (both for line number and instrument instances) and pause running of the …

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  5. New green theme

    I've been playing around with Qt's styling mechanism, and have implemented a new green look for CsoundQt. I'm not entirely happy yet with some of the details, but hopefully things will look great for the 0.9 release.

    CsoundQt Green theme
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  6. MIDI Learn functionality

    I have added MIDI learn functionality to CsoundQt. To use it:

    1. open the MIDI learn window from the view menu
    2. Select a widget (You need to be in Edit mode in the widget panel)
    3. Move your MIDI controller
    4. Enjoy

    That should be it. As usual, please report any issues or …

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